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Image Hosting Options
As you may be aware, you cannot directly upload images to these forums. I plan to enable that future as more and more people start using the site and I can make sure it's stable. In the meantime, if you'd like to be able to post images to the forums, you will need to first upload them to your own server or to an image hosting service. Here are a few image hosting services I've tested that both allow nude images and provide a raw link to the .jpg for posting elsewhere.

Flickr - My personal favorite.
Photo Bucket - Offers a basic account for free and upgrades are reasonable.
PBase - Not free, but cheap. 
Model Mayhem - If you go to the image in your Model Mayhem profile, you will find the direct link right below it. MM Forum Code links will work on this forum.

I will add more options to this list as I find them.

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